`To teach a horse to be calm, responsive, trusting and brave, you must first acquire those qualities yourself. You can’t just appear to be confident and in control. You must let go of your masks and conflicts and fears and BE confident and in control. Everything we can teach a horse, we can teach ourselves. And you may discover that when a horse sees you relaxed, balanced and centered, so does everyone else. In and out of the horse arena.`

Chris Irwin – from Horses Don’t Lie


What is it?

Equine Facilitated Skill Development is a Building Block ™ curriculum program that uses objectively driven exercises to encourage skill learning that is facilitated by horses. 

Why Horses?

Horses are the perfect animal to facilitate individual learning and group skills, particularly because they have a naturally occurring structure (called a ‘band’). Like humans, the band is a complex hierarchy and each member has pivotal roles within the dynamic. Horses look to their leaders for structure and guidance and, since they are constantly assessing their surroundings, their response to stimuli is immediate and authentic. Horses view humans as predators, when they come to trust humans, they go against their very core instinct and overcome their fears. What better teacher to show an inner core value than one that has learnt to be calm,responsive, trusting, and brave. 

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Who we are and what we represent...

Manger Changes Equine Centre`s Mission is to encourage life skills learning that will facilitate positive change using a non-judgmental, authentic teacher – the horse.


We are a professionally run facility Accredited through Equine Connection-The Equine Assisted Learning Academy INC, members of the BC Horse Council, and the EAL Network. 

Manger Changes considers the health and safety of prime importance and is committed to protecting it`s participants, observers, volunteers, employees, horses and have an extensive safety program. 

We have Curly Horses who are known for their temperament and hypo-allergens. People who have allergies to horses are less likely to have a reaction to a curly horse.

We use only rescue horses, saved from an uncertain fate, and rehabilitated with extensive and ongoing training; which makes them ideal personal development instructors. They have been there, done that and really want to help with this!

Our human staff have over 40 years horse experience, 35 years of personal experience, 25 years business, youth programming and development experience.