Tracy Haydey

Hi, I am Tracy Haydey Owner, Program Director, and Facilitator at Manger Changes Equine. My primary background was Industry. I climbed the corporate ladder and was support for Project Management for various major projects in Western Canada. I accomplished an NCSO (Safety) Designate, was VP of Operations and owner of 2 successful companies, and have introduced new and inventive environmentally friendly solutions to the Oil and Gas Industry. I have always had horses and learnt so much from these majestic animals; I decided to set goals that included my horses and shifted my energies to my passion, helping people overcome obstacles, be more confident and build soft skills that they will remember because they work with these incredibly authentic teachers.

Impressive Dude

Impressive Dude


Dude was a grey Missouri Fox Trotter; he was Ozark Mountain Bred and was truly majestic. He was badly abused as a youngster and trusted nobody. Instead of manhandling him, as it had been done so many times before, I worked with his insecurities and we formed an unbreakable bond. He faced his fears and conquered all; for this and so much more, he was my teacher and mentor. His teachings brought what Manger Changes is to reality. Dude is no longer with us; however, I would like to share the positively empowering learning he bestowed upon me.



Annie is a red Curly Horse she was born in April 2011. Annie was not yet born when the ASPCA seized the herd from a neglectful owner. The herd was starving and in poor health. I adopted her and fostered her mum from Bear Valley Rescue when she was 3 weeks old. With the herd was her Father, whom I also adopted. Annie is the last foal of Sampsons, she inherited a wonderful disposition from her father. Annie, AKA Sweet Annie, Lady bug, Lady A, earned her name from the cutest little red curls on top of her head. 



Gracie is a grey Quarterhorse born in 2010. She too came to me through rescue as a yearling. Along with her half-brother and countless herd mates, she was saved from the meat buyers by Bear Valley Rescue. Her brother was adopted by Cavalia and has went on to be a performer. Gracie found Manger Changes and fulfilled her destiny as a teacher. 



Sampson is a Palomino Curly Horse, approx. 15 years old. He was part of the ASPCA seizure of a neglected herd. He was very thin and in poor health. He too was adopted through Bear Valley Rescue. He was a stud and although he was gelded immediately, he was not a good candidate to join the herd. Due to him being cut later in life, he had attitude and was a bully in the pasture and had to be kept by himself. He now has his small band of mares and is very content with his new family. Before he was gelded he sired little Annie, his last baby. He is handsome, smart, kind and a wonderful teacher!





Buck is a buckskin Quarterhorse, 14 years old. When he was a baby he was running and playing as colts do, and somehow had a fence post driven into his chest. The breeder had the mares and colts in a separate pasture when the incident happened. When they found him they pulled the post out, but thought the colt was dead. They left him and went out the next morning to check on the mares and found him up and eating. They treated his injury; however, he now has a crooked front leg. He is a trooper, and is very strong willed. He has an amazing gift of intuition that is a desirable quality in a teacher.

Solace Lass


Soly is a grey Thoroughbred, 6 years old. She was trained as a 2 year old on the track in Kentucky, however, her heart wasn't into being a racehorse and she found her way to Manger Changes to become a teacher. A unique personality with a curiosity of people gives her a wealth of insight!